Private Coaching

Want to be told EXACTLY what to do and have someone there to hold you hand through the process?

You want to be present and thrive in your motherhood experience, but your baby is waking multiple times each night leaving you feeling depleted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Right?

Imagine if...

  • You had time to yourself in the morning to drink your hot coffee before your baby woke up.
  • You could put your babe to bed and have alone time with your partner at the end of the day.
  • You actually woke up feeling rested and energized.
  • You felt comfortable having someone else put your child to bed so you could go out with friends or have a date night with your partner.
  • Your baby took consistent, predictable naps so you could bust out some of the tasks that you felt like you haven't had time for.

Here's the problem though...

Maybe you have read the books, listened to the podcasts, asked the questions in the mom groups, or watched the reels on IG...but your baby is still waking multiple times each night and needing to be rocked or fed to sleep.

You want to sleep train your baby without leaving them to cry-it-out and Ferber hasn't been successful for you, but you don't know what other option there is.

What's to give, right?

You do NOT have to accept a sleep-deprived motherhood experience.

I was where you were once, too. Using the strategy that I use in my program, I had my daughter sleeping independently in her crib for 12-14 hours each night by the time she was five and a half months old!

In this 4-week coaching container, you will receive:

  • A customized sleep plan unique to your family and baby's specific needs, created from a detailed family intake form
  • A recorded Plan Review Call (45-60 minutes) to train you on implementing the strategies detailed in the plan
  • Four weeks of unlimited voice and text support via Voxer
  • A recorded Wrap-Up Call (up to 60 minutes) to answer any final questions
  • Why Statement Worksheet
  • Sleep Log that includes wake windows, sleep/check-in times, and feeding so I can give you the most personalized feedback
  • An Offboarding Packet with FAQs and a Sleep Needs Chart up to age 3


✔️Instant access to training videos that go beyond your customized sleep plan ($397 value!)

✔️Lifetime access to the Rested Remedies Parent Coaching Group where you can ask any sleep related questions - general or specific to your child!



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