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Learn how I sleep trained my daughter and many more families to get consistent 11-12 hour nights and predictable naps in less than 14 days

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What's Included?

✔️ My entire system for helping your baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep independently (11-12 hours every night!)

✔️ A complete and thorough education, all in one spot, on the basics of baby sleep so you can stay consistent in the plan (which is the ticket to successful sleep training!)

✔️ The opportuntity to access everything you need to get long stretches of sleep through the night and predictable, consistent naps (proven 50+ times and counting)

✔️ A full breakdown of each strategy in my toolbox so you can make an informed decision about which strategy is best for your family (all in one place!)

✔️ My step-by-step process that walks you through each aspect of sleep that will be adjusted, set up in the optimal order (which means less crying during the process!)

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But wait, can this work even if my baby isn't "easy"?

Yes!! I created this program to meet your baby where they are at and maintain flexibility. There is an approach for every temperament and comfort level with sleep training. You have choices! (BTW, most clients come to me afraid of the process but are confident about their choice by just a few days in once they see how easy it is with a proven, effective plan!

Harlee, does your daughter really still sleep 11-12 hours every night?

Yes! With this system, she has solidly slept through RSV, COVID, hand foot and mouth, impetigo, and every single tooth that cut through. Now at 2 years old, after one hard night of re-sleep training after the bink drop and toddler bed transition, she is right back to it!

Do you really teach this in a step-by-step way?

Yes! Think of it like having your very own roadmap to 11-12 hour nights. I tell you exactly what to do and how to get there. No searching around for something that "might" work. This process is proven, effective, and has worked 50+ times over.

Will I have to leave my baby to cry it out?

No! I don't coach on cry-it-out. My methods vary from giving space to parent-present and fading out. There is something for everyone!

Do I need to wait until I have some time off to do this?

No! Most of my clients start getting long stretches of sleep by 48 hours, and 80% get 11-12 hours by just five nights!

Is this another cookie cutter course?

Not at all! What sets Roadmap to Rested apart from the rest out there is the support integration. When you purchase the course, you are put into a parent coaching group for LIFE. You also get 3 months access to the Rested Remedies Broadcast Channel where you can submit your specific question and I will give a thorough and detailed answer on the channel for your EXACT situation.

Want to see a sneak peak of the course?

Due to the nature of these digital products, I do not offer refunds.

I continue to support healthy sleep habits for my daughter so she can be a rested, happy toddler and I can be a rested, happy mom who still has time to do things for myself that I enjoy + fill my cup (such as building this amazing business!)

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This is my why, but what about yours? Why do you want your baby to sleep better?

If you slept 8 hours every night and your baby slept 11-12, while taking 1-2 hour naps predictably and consistently, what would that change for you?

✔️ Would you spend 1:1 time with your big kid after the baby went to bed?

✔️ Would the moms at the mom group start commenting on your glow?

✔️ Would your partner come back to bed?

✔️ Would you feel confident in your response to your baby's sleep?

Ok, now dream even bigger! (Remember, I'm building this business as a single mom working a full-time job. It's amazing the things you can accomplish when your baby sleeps!)

✔️ Would you go back to college like you have been dreaming of?

✔️ Would you start that business?

✔️ Would you rekindle your marriage?

✔️ Would you start leaving the house more because your baby is happy now?

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